Who We Are

The Proactive Painting Story

Proactive Painting was started and built by a group of local business-savvy young entrepreneurs.

With many years of home service and construction-based knowledge and an understanding of marketing, sales, customer services and management processes the founder Corey Kunze decided to use his business skills and painting would be the perfect place to use their expertise and industry knowledge to grow one of the Lower Main Land’s favourite painting company. 

With a tightly knit team, lots of company moral along with lots of pride and care for the trade they have built one of the happiest work environments for employees and offer amazing options like benefits and options for advancement within the company.

Proactive Painting is proud to serve the Lower Main Land and its surrounding areas!

Proactive Painting Fetured On CTV News

Proactive Painting is always working in the market to help fellow Canadians! Early in the painting season, our Winnipeg Branch came across a story brought to you by CTV Winnipeg of a number of people locally who had a bad experience with some Winnipeg painters and had their deposits stolen…

As we feel sympathy towards these people as we have heard of this issue many times in the contracting issue Proactive Painting decided to take a stand and offer the victims of this ruthless crime a discount to make up for the funds stolen.

Check Out The Story Here: Proactive Painting Featured On CTV

Proactive Painting Surrey

Our 5 Step Painting Process


Step 1: Assessment

We first view and assess the painting project. We prepare a detailed but easy to understand quote including projects needs such as equipment, product, colour & price


Step 2: Preperation

Upon arrival at the Jobsite, our crew will set up accordingly and start to prep all surfaces for paint. These tasks may include scraping, pressure washing, dusting, sanding, taping off areas, wrapping or covering things that need to be cleaned or protected.


Step 3: Painting

Painting has many different types of applications depending on the task at hand. From Rolling and brushing to spraying and applying coatings we have the knowledge and skillset to do it all.


Step 4: Touch Ups

It is very normal for all jobs to need a few touch-ups! This is never a problem; once our team cleans up the excessive equipment they will come back in with cups and brushes and fill in all spaces that need a bit more love.


Step 5: Walk Through - Customer Review

There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction for that reason we take our walk-through process very seriously. At the end of every job, we will walk through the property with our clients and make sure it’s all done to your standard!

What We Value

Proactive Painting is known for its strong company values and high standards when it comes to our quality of work. To hold these values and standards we make sure all team members understand the core values we cherish. Here are the main 4 values we hold closest to our hearts.



Communication is key in all aspects of life especially when it comes to dealing with valued customers. We make sure we are on the same page on all aspects of your job.


Proactive Painting is always putting its crews through workshops and training days to teach new skills and enhance the already known ones.

Quality Workmanship

The reason Proactive Painting has had the opportunity to grow so fast in the Canadian market is because of outstanding workmanship. We deliver higher the expected every time!

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is what we work so hard for! Without you our beloved customer we would be nothing. For that reason, we always deliver satisfaction at levels that are going to beat your expectations.