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Looking for Exterior Painters in Vancouver or The Lower Mainland? Look No Further!

Looking for professional exterior painters in Vancouver? Look no further! Our team of skilled painters specializes in providing top-quality exterior painting services in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Transform the look of your home or commercial property with our expert painting solutions.
Whether you have a home in good condition or bad an exterior paint job is the best way to protect your house from the Vancouver weather. Along with protecting your home with a couple of fresh coats of exterior paint it will also add extreme curb appeal and market value to your home and make your house the favourite house on the street. This will of course make you get bundles of joy every single time you drive up to your new home. Exterior painting can change your home exterior go from drab and dull to beautiful and amazing.

We love stepping back after every single exterior painting job in Vancouver and just looking at it with the pride of thought that we helped transform a local friend’s house into something they will love. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint to enhance your curb appeal or a complete transformation, our experienced exterior painters Vancouver have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

From large-scale residential exterior paint projects to small we have the means and experience to get the job done right and in a timely manner. We can always promise each and every customer a high satisfaction rating with every exterior paint job as your house will be one of the hundreds of jobs are professional exterior painting crews have taken care of. Vancouver is our home and we love to make it beautiful by giving our local houses a face lift with a beautiful new exterior paint job

Professional Exterior Painters in Vancouver

Proactive Painting is the professional exterior painters in Vancouver you have been looking for. We specialize in many exterior painting services in Vancouver and projects, including stucco painting, deck and porch staining, commercial office building painting and wood exterior refinishing.

After the initial on-site project evaluation and estimate, and before we begin the exterior painting process in Vancouver, we complete a thorough preparation job outside of your Vancouver area home or business.


Exterior Painters Vancouver
Best Exterior Painters in Vancouver






Exterior Painting Process in Vancouver




The preparation process is the most important part of a stress-free exterior painting process. You need to find a team of experts that have built a process that is proper, quick but also delivers a high level of work and skill. Painting projects with the right team should go by with a breeze and allow you to go on with your normal daily tasks without having to worry that something will go wrong. We want to build your trust and this is why we want you to know every detail about our exterior painting process. Here below is the list of tasks we go through when starting any exterior painting project in Vancouver. Transform your home’s exterior with expert painting services in Vancouver. Enhance curb appeal and protect your property.



  • Covering & Protecting Your Shrubs, Flowers and Flowerbeds From Exterior Painting Products

    It is one of our top priorities to protect all of your beautiful plant life as many of the processes we go through in the exterior painting process can be somewhat harmful to these delicate little plants. We love the beautiful plant life can add to a house, especially after we are done refinishing your home so we want to make sure they have a chance to live and add to the beauty of your exterior!

  • Power Washing or Scrape Exterior Surfaces To Be Painted

    Washing of all surfaces that will be painted is the most important part of the whole painting process. If the paint is applied to the exterior of a house that is still dirty this will not allow the product to bond to the surface properly and will for sure peel and chip off your exterior quickly. This is unacceptable and if any painting company tries to convince you differently do not allow them to apply any product to your house.

  • Protecting Windows & Other Exterior Home Features For Painting

    Many times we can deal with projects where we will not touch the windows because they are new PVC or fibreglass or we will not touch a certain part of the house due to the fact that the homeowner is just not interested in painting this part of their exterior. This is no problem at all, We have dealt with many projects like this and have the proper equipment that can mask and protect any area needed from our paint product.


  • Prepare Siding, Corner Boards, & Trim-work For Painting

    Often on projects, we see that the trim work or corner boards have taken lots of damage from the weather due to the fact that they stand out further than the rest of your property’s siding. We understand what it takes to make any home look beautiful again and will go through the process of sanding and refinishing to make sure it looks great again!

  • Prepping New Wood With Exterior Primer

    When wood siding is stripped down to bare wood it is important to prime the wood with a special wood primer or spot prime with a primer-based paint. This process will ensure that the exterior paint will not chip or peel quickly due to weather and moisture. Protecting wood on your exterior is one of the most important things when it comes to the exterior painting Vancouver of a wood house in Vancouver.

  • Caulking to Seal Joints & Preserve Wood

    Caulking and sealing of all joints do not only ensure that all gaps look filled but it can also help you save on your power bills. closing off gaps and cracks can prevent wind drafts, water leakage and heating leaks in the colder seasons in Vancouver.

  • Puttying All Trim Work & Nail Holes

    Many times the that was covering nail holes and other imperfections have dried up and fallen out of place and this is why on every exterior painting project in Vancouver we make sure to walk around and fill all empty holes with a special product.

  • Completing a Final Customer Confirmation of All Project Colors, Styles, & Design

    With every exterior painting job in Vancouver, we are always focused on having our customers 100% satisfied with the whole process and that’s why we go the extra mile to help you choose the proper colours, products and any other thing you are looking for. When it comes to exterior painting we know this is a big project and our clients will want to last a long time so we take all things into consideration for you so you don’t have to.


Applying The Exterior Painting Product To Your Home.

The real secret to a smooth and long-lasting exterior painting job in Vancouver is the prep process as listed above but it also comes down to the application of the products. depending on the different types of projects the application process can be different. the factors to consider when thinking about which process to choose come down to the following.

  1. What is the house exterior surface made from
  2. How much room is there between your property and the neighbouring buildings?
  3. What paint product are we applying to the home?
  4. What application methods do the homeowners prefer?

These factors can make all the difference when it comes to picking the application process we take. We need to ensure that we use the appropriate process for all exterior painting in Vancouver to have a long-lasting effect against the crazy weather patterns.



Our Exterior Painting Products

Proactive Painting uses only the highest quality paints and materials, ensuring that our painting projects last for many years to come. We prefer to use Sherwin Williams’s products as they are of the highest quality but can work with whatever you prefer.

Here is a list of our favourite exterior painting products that we prefer to use and the exterior materials they can be used on:

A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex – A-100 paint is one of our favourite products to use as it is a great option for all surfaces. This exterior paint is long-lasting and has a great selection of colours and finishes. This exterior painting product holds a 15-year manufacturer warranty because that’s how much Sherwin Williams trusts this product.

Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex – Duration exterior paint is a great paint to hide imperfections on the exterior of your house. With a thick viscosity, it fills the gaps that have been caused by years of wear and tear. This product applies in a thick coat that prevents peeling and blistering and is primer-based paint. This exterior painting product holds a lifetime manufacturer warranty but is not advised for all property types.

Rejuvenate Siding Restoration – Rujevenate is a great product to bring a facelift to your weathered wood siding and we will suggest using it when we see need be. This product has a thick primer base that allows it to fill in all those places that the Vancouver weather has taken the life out of. 

We can always advise you on all products to use as we have worked our way through many projects just like yours. We will assess your home and match the project with the product to make sure we have everything done right with the long-lasting effect you deserve. You can always trust us to know the solution and have all means needed to deliver you excellence.

If you have a need for exterior painting in Vancouver or its surrounding areas, choose Proactive Painting. Please feel free to contact us at any time, tho reach our contact page CLICK HERE.

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